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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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washington produce more support for the syrian rebels but the russian foreign minister says the justifying the blast in damascus american resolve but indorsing terrorism. the perfect killing street credits the one hundred percent accuracy of americans pakistani drone strike liberal interpretation of the word terrorist. a disturbing discovery in russian woodland police say almost two hundred fifty human fetuses found dumped in plastic barrels for over five months old and may have been used for legal research. and have a way to produce for julian assange just legal to the man who indicted the chilean dictator pinochet for human rights abuses now joins the whistleblower in his fight .
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welcome you want to go it seems kevin over here in moscow at eight pm with the top stories for you and first out of washington over its comments about last week's blasts in damascus which killed president decides its foreign minister sergei lavrov says the u.s. practically justified terrorism. no scope the details. but essentially a war of words but a sort of hypocritical stance to some degree when we saw many members of the u.s. administration speaking out almost immediately after various so-called massacres that had taken place on the ground in syria when this latest blast took place killing many high profile members of president bashar al assad's government as they attended a security meeting their reaction from the u.s. state department was quite different they have actively had said that these attacks were not surprising given the conduct of the present government one spokesman even said those who died were key architects of the regime's assault on. the syrian
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people it's a very different sort of response that we've seen two different kinds of explosions and attacks and syria these statements caught the attention of russian foreign minister sergey lavrov here is how he responded to the ongoing battle of words. you can do with because we don't understand why our western partners refused to condemn the terrorist attack in damascus moreover susan rice used to this incident to prove that the u.n. security council could no longer hesitate over the resolution on chapter seven so basically she is saying we will support such terrorist attacks until the security council does force we won't it's a horrible approach i can't even find words to express how we feel about this this is simply the justification of terrorism. now just remember the chapter seven resolution that he was referring to in the u.n. would have allowed the u.n. security council to take a wide range of actions ranging from diplomatic and economic sanctions against syria to possible military action this was
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a resolution that was with the help of china and russia last week. of the season syria saying scores of people displaced but for some refugees it's not the first time they've been forced to flee many iraqis who escaped the violence and took shelter in syria but not having to return home saying the new war left them little choice a correspondent damascus has got this story and met some of the. if their home countries in search of peace only to be ambushed by war in the place they thought was safe syria has long been counted among the most welcoming countries in the region for refugees with almost one hundred thousand of them registered here permanently given before their weiland broke out in syria the residents of the in our neighborhood were all well familiar with the ugly realities of war or the past decade this area has become home thousands of war refugees from somalia afghanistan pakistan but the largest community here iraqis who sought to escape the u.s.
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wage war in that country and now have to flee yet again at this bus station iraqi destinations have never been in such high demand as now after several dozen residents of this area were shot or beheaded in the past few weeks many are scrambling to leave the mohammed we're right here with the family in two thousand and three is also packing i've never come across such security is in syria and such a government is in syria it's a good state a good nation but the rebels come here with weapons to destroy our homes and we have no idea why the residents accuse the rebels of terrorizing their community extorting money or kidnapping for ransom while their regions of the gangs are unknown many here believe it's a fighting alongside the free syrian army. the usa is not an independent nation because its government does not hear what its people
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are saying because whichever country it invades it destroys america invaded iraq libya egypt and yemen and has not brought peace to any of them now after nine years iraq still can't produce enough electricity for a whole day and eat for an hour or two. they say it is enough is one of the most important share shrines as it is believed to hold the relics of prophet muhammad's granddaughter. just a year ago it was inundated with bill grams but after several worshipers lost their lives in a suicide bombing it is now closed some believe the attacks against iraqis in syria may also be driven by sectarian division most iraqis a shia mosque travel's a sunni a u.s. base share group has just published a statement calling on the united nations to intervene according to our sources and see. thousands of shia muslims are in danger of massacred by the free syrian army and groups affiliated with them she writes watch has learned from many shia muslims
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living in the area that the free syrian army has threatened to massacre all the shia in the area unless they flee yet not everybody is scary the way. a sunni syrian and an m a share iraqi have been neighbors and friends for seven years ever since the killing of animals has been forced here to leave iraq they say we want freedom what freedom do you want in syria we have mosques we have girls with their heads covered and girls with their heads uncovered we have christians sunni's in shiites and they say they want freedom but is this the way to treat your country when you want freedom but iraqis know better than anyone else how relentless and how damaging the foreign quest for freedom would be. on the boycott r.t. reporting from damascus in syria syria's opposition says thousands of government troops have been moved to the country's commercial hub of aleppo the city has been plagued by fierce street battles for almost a week now since the rebels moved in from the outskirts artie's wanted to cut short
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by phone with a reporter who is currently in that city. i've heard from the many police i'm sure your friends in the city by opposition members of what syrian free army. are are so many places in the city in. some far places. but only the. upset by the militia and as you know the city there are some clashes in the city. some part of the far east and with side of the c.p. syrian military forces these places are just so i'm surprised by some helicopter images we can see the to do offensive of the military forces we shan't see the fossil organisation of volunteers that are trying to help those
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people because. as you know. so many people can call it both from the b.b. north can be late for one month when the classes began their two government is trying to help by opening the places the schools they are trying to help these positions to look and to give them what seems frank to free assist quite some to some space for the family there is a wheeling olic both poofy changes but they're not the people who will be changed by gun or change by force you know they will just because we are full of bad examples in other cities like dance like come on let. other cities so i think the big we ring for people in syria is seeing the change in kuwait in a piece in a political way not by council forces. well the focus of the conflict shifted to
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aleppo after the army flushed out what it described as militants from key districts in the capital damascus but the u.s. has shaken off the set but while hailing the rebels actions and pledging additional support from the investigative website who was why don't call me spoke to me he says the mainstream media is singing in chub with washington's anti a sad stands a decision had been taken and that it was necessary to intervene or invade or whatever you want to call it and then all the news is fit to match and so what we see is a whole series of documented unsupported allegations in the case of syria as in the case of libya these are allegations of mass rape. and of massacres without carefully trying to establish who exactly did wired who saw what and so forth what we do is we start finding that it goes it's trans traceable back to several individuals who seem to be syrian emigres living very interestingly in saudi arabia
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others in the united states appear to be connected to exactly the people who want to displace assad. and he's keeping a very close on developments in syria more analysis in the time on of the conflict all of eight of our tito come all website crews are reporting from the heart of the syrian war will know if more parties and so on the point is in damascus and this week's bringing you the latest updates via twitter one of the most recent post says public health facilities in the syrian capital a covering their windows now for fear of snipers and shrapnel. america's pristine track record of drone strikes in pakistan this year has become a source of pride one hundred fifty militants dead with no civilian losses but
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experts say those figures from the new america foundation just don't add up the white house to crease any man killed by drones guilty until proven otherwise with more of the numbers than here's our washington correspondent guy energy care. if you believe this chart as seen on c.n.n. american drone strikes in pakistan have been so precise that they haven't killed a single innocent person this year the chart shows last year the strikes targeted four hundred thirty one militants and killed only twenty six quote unquote others meaning civilians the data was compiled by the new america foundation now how did this foundation come up with the numbers which look pretty much like advertising for drones they link press reports when you actually look at the reports reports almost half of them are attributed to some unnamed intelligence officials who give the number of who they refer to as militants and a few more details for example the a.f.p. agency report about a strike in north waziristan earlier this month says quote it was difficult to identify the bodies immediately as some of them were charred end of quote but this
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survey which was broadcast on c.n.n. doesn't have to go deep into details as to who was identified as who nor does it have to clarify the definition of the word militant in this context as seen by the obama administration and according to the obama administration all military age males in a strike zone count as combatants unless there is explicit intelligence possed humorously proving them innocent so someone has to prove their innocence after they're dead president obama lawyer by background personally approves the kill list now how does the administration get away with this take no prisoners policy double speak is one of the ways illegally executing people is fine as long as you call them militants as pointed out by the london based bureau for investigative journalism it's very hard to reveal exact numbers they put the total of civilian civilians killed in drone strikes in pakistan at around eight hundred whereas if
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you believe the new america foundation chart it's half effect analysts say the reports by pakistani officials are not always reliable because of their dubious position on the one hand they test with glee allow the drone strikes on. the other hand they condemn them the public publicly condemn them arguably to resonate more with the sentiments of the population impact pakistan that is furious with u.s. actions population that sees a different chart not the success of graphics cast on c.n.n. and the question they ask is how much killing will be enough in washington i'm going to check on. the saving including a look at why europe's motor industry is hitting the skids right now cars crumbling course the e.u. leaving taught by your faction is no choice but to put the brakes on the production lines go beatles or mother also. your across this is the very top was move the slopes of negative outlook on the e.u.
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bailout fund itself we'll see why in business twenty. investigators say hundreds of feet of says dumped in a wood in russia were over five months old and may have been used for illegal research thomas says more of the grim find. what we know right now is two hundred forty eight human fetuses were discovered in a remote region in the year olds in a forest fire officials say that the remains are a bio medical waste police say that there were four plastic barrels contained remains that were preserved in formaldehyde and some of those remains had tags on them with surnames and numbers now also some of the lives of these containers were off and some of the remains were scattered across the forest floor and they were discovered by a local fisherman who was in the woods looking for some firewood for his campfire sell some containers that he thought he could use it for water wanted to bring them home and then he couldn't now with the investigation is focused in two parts first of all why and how the by
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a medical waste could have found its place in this part of the forest could it be negligence on behalf of the company that is charged with disposing of this by a medical waste of the second half of the investigation focuses on the use of the fetuses in the first place now this could be from research from the hospitals in the three major cities in the area surrounding this wooded area this research was headed up by a woman who was fired in two thousand and eleven it is believed that during that time she took some of the medical waste with her when she left and police say that this waist might be part of some of those remains that she brought with her also police say that the regarding the secrecy around this type of research that it could very possibly well be illegal but that is not unknown at this time hospitals in a one hundred kilometer radius of the area where these remains were found have been given a request to account for how they have used embryos in the past one thing that we do know is that all of the fetuses that were found in this series of containers in
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the woods were past the twenty two week mark which is where women in russia are allowed to legally have an abortion they can only have an abortion for medical reasons so that is one thing that is under consideration in this investigation right now so police have their hands full trying to figure out exactly how these remains that got to this wooded area in the first place and whether the research that caused these remains to need to be disposed of was legal or illegal. thomas our correspondent there and i just don't know but our web site a great place to catch up with all our stories and a lot more to right now we're reporting on the london olympics isn't exactly welcoming everyone from around the world talking about the russian president who has been denied access to the games we'll tell you why at r.t. dot com. and the big fellow from the n.g.o.s as the heads of groups here in russia threaten the boycott of new law has been brought in obliging them to register as foreign agents again more details of r.t. dot com.
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wiki leaks editor julian assange has been sitting idle while holed up seeking asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london he's been bolstering his legal team in a big way signing up the human rights lawyer who indicted the late chilean leader august of pinochet artes or smith explains what this means now for a sanctions case. what his team is constantly trying to do is keep him in the public eye and this is certainly a significant development that this spanish judge and lawyer says all cost on has been hired to take. his case and it means a new legal strategy and also to show how what they're calling secret u.s. proceedings so these credible reports that we've been hearing about a sealed indictments against and also the subpoenaing of the grand jury over in the
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states have compromised these processes including the process to extradite julian our sons and buses are garson is a is an incredibly interesting character in fact he's the man that hollywood is preparing to make a movie about his life he's a spanish lawyer and a judge who shot to fame just over twenty years ago when he shocks shook the international justice system by issuing an international arrest warrant for pinochet and since then he's really spearheaded this five c. gainst wrongdoing in both latin america and latterly in spain he has recently been involved in his own legal battles as well earlier this year he was fighting three different cases at the same time one he was found guilty of and he was in fact disbarred from being a judge or a magistrate in spain for eleven years as a result of that in february this year he was found guilty of ordering illegal recordings of suspects talking to their lawyers he's also been not convicted but reprimanded for something that he was involved in which was an investigation into
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the disappearance of one hundred thousand people in spain under the regime of franco now that was found to be illegal by the spanish authorities and amnesty has been declared on the time that franco was in charge in spain in relation to julian assange says that there seems to be a worrying lack of safeguards and transparency as far as his case is concerned so what it really means globally for julian assad is that he's got another big hitter in the world of human rights protection on his side. it's tried tax incentives bonuses steep discounts but europe's car making industry still hurtling into the red losing business faster stalling sales eve the french giant pojo was laying off thousands of workers and shutting down one of its plants in paris as a europe correspondent tester a sinner explains it's not only the economic slowdown is putting a spoke in the wheels either. anger among workers eight thousand jobs across france will be slashed by their employer p.s.e.
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usual situation more than three thousand in this plant alone a blow to the new president's pledge of creating new jobs and to france is once a thriving industry. but trigger has been working for the company for eighteen years at the end of last month he lost his job at another peugeot site that was closed down and was transferred to this factory as luck would have it he's about to get fired a second time and he showed us what exactly this would mean for him. after the close the other five g. i had no choice but to move to get closer to the only site where they had moved me otherwise i would have been unemployed the just as i arrived here i hadn't even finished painting the flood just as my wife came here the announced the new closure i just don't know what to do now but workers say it's not just the economic crisis that's hurt them it's also politics specifically sanctions against iran. the iranian market is huge it's the second market after france four hundred fifty
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thousand cars sold in two thousand and eleven so it's fifteen percent of the sales so it's a lot of money lost so if the government can intervene on a commercial level you can intervene at the social level to ban firing the workers of this plant say that they have no other choice but to keep on fighting but they're not oblivious to the fact that a whole generation of older workers who had seen a france's industrial boom are now starting to see a change in their economy and then there's a so-called lost generation of young people many of whom are without problems and they're all seeing a change and want to begin the morning that we are we getting of them are on their own it's out of that was a capitalist system of riches limits to my generation we've been studying for years. myself i am. a master degree and i cannot find a job of course i cannot buy a house or buy a new car or if i want to do it i have to go to the bank and i get a credit so that means there will be prisoned with reason alone this car dealer
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says the number of young first time car buyers has indeed gone down staggering youth unemployment adding injury to an already. bleak future for europe's car makers and be it generations of drinkers for their generation a similar vision unites them don't know we will start a new battle with p.s.e. group because what's happening is a normal i think a. friend thing either in your evolution we're working on it does or still you're r t paris also another world tonight another fatal police shooting in the united states this time an unarmed man shot in the back in dallas texas sparking protests in the city elsewhere to spanish when were killed by officers over the weekend in the city of anaheim in california the shootings triggered angry demonstrations that saw riot police will shotguns and fire pepper spray into the crowd. another blow to britain's security for the olympics extraordinary story this after eleven year old
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boy caught a flight to rome with no passport no ticket and no boarding pass the child boarded at manchester airport and was only discovered mid-flight if voided airline and security checks by blending in with another family couldn't come at a worse time of course as thousands of people arrive for tomorrow's start of the games and it follows a security contract is the eleventh hour pull out because it couldn't get enough staff. right this is greenland you're seeing here it's taken just four days for this massive ice sheet to melt away and this normally sinks in summer but not this much all this fast ninety seven percent of its disappeared in the fastest and largest thorson satellite data collection began thirty years ago now it's researchers don't know if it's natural or caused by manmade climate change but they're blaming an unusually warm dose of their for. north korean leader kim jong un has got married according to state media speculations grown in recent weeks after it was spotted at the vents for the mystery woman she's now been named in the
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media as resoled two but no further details have been released not even about their wedding the world's youngest state leader took over last december following with death of his father kim jong il. now the colorado shooting spurred gun sales up forty three percent tell us more about that here americans say they expect new restrictions on buying weapons in the wake of the tragedy so they're rushing to stock up before prohibitive new law comes in in the three days after the incident gun sales in colorado gone up forty three percent friday's shooting at the batman premiere in the state killed twelve and injured. now one in five u.s. public companies make up numbers on their earnings are holding. hundreds of chief financial officers amazing story this they typically add around ten percent to earnings per share say they do it to improve the share price but also to make sure senior executives hit bonus targets as well as to advance their careers wall street
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still mixed moving into the new york of the new rumors of delays on the new i phone five eating off after shares on the nasdaq these lowers the outlook on the european bailout fund to negative as spain looks increasingly likely to go bust went into the red in the last trade to close slightly down russia close but it's still three percent lower this week after the g.d.p. growth skidded in june the ruble could plunge another fifteen percent this year if it all price doesn't grow it's already lost that much in the last five months a top economist told us why russia's healthy trade brother is also under threat. russian banks and companies pay and high interest on foreign born foreign that is corporate foreign debt is growing that means that interest to be paid in big amounts russian economy interest more and more foreign labor force and that means wages are cycled or we see the balance of payment made to retrieve
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prices are still able to the end of the year and that may result. in the coming months our system gives us ten to fifteen percent. of a eurozone casualty looks in worse shape than previously thought an e.u. delegations visiting saw brazil at the moment as it molds releasing at least thirteen billion euros in extra funds because he is also in advanced talks with russia to power of five billion and russia's hope you'll discover a new generation of environmentally friendly toys does company a pile of british things presented time prototypes made with natural rubble from russian dandelions the next it will be to test them on the streets before moving into production the target is to create a rival to asia's robot monopoly and you're up to date with. thanks for that much appreciate it now very shortly tonight we explore how the french president's efforts to revive the economy clash with the plans of big corporations to fire
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thousands more on that after the headlines coming up exactly three minutes from now .
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if they shoot something inappropriate for public they can easily be shown to accept casualties of war ok. i wish he would have never happened but it has. been a war a t.v. camera becomes an unnecessary what does their own safety all foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave room. and this clear what happens with such witnesses i got him on my site. one. many objects to. shoot first is shooting on r t.
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